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13 October 2018

Last Saturday Bob Tasse, a third-generation horologist, came to my home and performed wonderful service on my 200-year-old cherry case clock. It hasn’t been happy since we set it up in our recently purchased home. He adjusted the timing, effectively giving it a tune-up. Then he oiled it with the proper clock oil and now it sounds just right, like it used to. He charged a very reasonable fee. I saw him mentioned a few times in the Last Word, which led me to contact him. 757-634-6914. Thanks.


28 April 2018

We've been listening for the past week to an old, not terribly expensive, regulator clock that we'd almost given up the hope of hearing again. It had been in one local clock repair shop on and off for over a year before we just gave up. We read of Bob Tasse’ Clock Repair several times in the Last Word and decided to give him a shot. After mending the damage of earlier repair efforts and replacing several bearings, the clock is now keeping time better than it did in the past. We highly recommend his service.

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The Virginia Gazette Last Word Reviews Cont.

7 April 2018

I highly recommend Rob Tasse, watchmaker at 315-955-4966. He did a couple of my clocks and he has done an outstanding job, and I’ve given him another one. I really think he’s tops. Thank you.


16 December 2017

If you need your clock repaired, contact Tasse Clock Repair. Bob Tasse repaired my Herschede grandfather clock and Seth Thomas mantel clock. Neither clock had been working for years. He had to make new parts for the grandfather clock. He is a true expert on repairing clocks. His telephone number is 757-634-6914 and he lives in Toano. I highly recommend him. 

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14 September 2017

Thank you to Bob Tasse of Tasse Clock Repair in Toano, 757- 634-6914, for repairing my cuckoo clock. I have had my clock for about 30 years, but it hasn't worked for the past 25 years due to my young children at that time pulling on the chains. So it just hung on the wall without a sound. I heard about Tasse from the Last Word and took my clock to him that day. Within a few weeks, he had it back in working order. I'm so happy to hear the cuckoo and the music box again. Thank you, from a satisfied customer. 

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8 July 2017

For the person looking for a person to repair a grandfather clock: Mr. Tasse' of Toano, 757-634-6914, has repaired several clocks for my mother and myself. Very professional and good, highly recommended!  

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1 July 2017

For the person looking to repair a grandfather clock, I recommend Tasse Clock Repair. He repaired my husband's grandparents' mantel clock that had not been working for years. His number is 757-634-6914. His first name is Robert and he lives in Toano. He did an absolutely beautiful job. We were so pleased. He makes sure they're working well. I highly recommend him.  

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15 December 2015

To the person looking for someone to repair old clock call Bob Tasse at Tasse Clock Repair, 757-634-6914 in Toano. He did a great job repairing our antique mantel clock. 

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